Affordable and Stylish 125cc Motorcycles for Sale: MGB Fantasy 125, Honda XR125L, KTM 125 Duke, Suzuki Van Van, Yamaha MT-125, Yamaha R125, Benelli BN 125, Sinnis Terrain

Motorcycles 125cc For Sale

A big-bike look, decent spec and good performance for under PS3000. That’s the MGB Fantasy 125 for you.

KTM’s junior Duke is a stylish funky roadster with a real high-quality, big bike feel. It also boasts a punchy 15bhp liquid-cooled single, great chassis and suspension and a flash new colour TFT dash.

Honda XR125L

Honda XR 125L is an ideal bike for learner riders. Its nippy engine performance will help you beat city traffic and commute easily. Its handling is good and on dirt roads the rider will feel confident. However, overtaking a car will be difficult.

It is a light and easy bike to handle. Its riding position is neutral, so it is a good fit for novice or small riders. However, its mirrors are wider and riders have to turn their heads a lot to get a view of the road behind them.

KTM 125 Duke

KTM 125 Duke is the perfect motorcycle for A1 licence holders who want to feel like a racer without breaking the bank. Although it doesn’t produce droolworthy power, it makes up for it with premium cycle parts, a well-designed chassis, and agile handling.

It’s the ideal bike for daily errands around town and cruising to your coffee dates with friends. The engine is smooth and will let you cruise at stress-free 90 kmph on the highways too. It also offers great braking power and manageable weight at 159 kg.

Suzuki Van Van

The Van Van is something of a Marmite bike – some people love it others hate it, but it does have a small and loyal following. It’s a cute and affordable little tiddler that recalls Suzuki’s fat-tired RV series of dual sports from the 70s. The current model uses an air-cooled, four-stroke 125cc motor from the DR125. Given that it’s a novice-orientated machine with a lot of appeal to surf dudes its prone to abuse so check for corrosion on levers and exposed metal parts.

With 130/80-18 front and 180/80-14 rear tyres on wire spoked wheels it’s got classic small-displacement practicality too.

Yamaha MT-125

The MT range is one of Yamaha’s fastest selling bike lines, combining excellent build quality with affordable pricing. The A1-licence friendly 125 is no exception – its little four-stroke single-cylinder engine offers plenty of poke, ideal for scything through traffic and nipping ahead at the lights.

The 2023 MT-125 is a big step forward from the previous model with a new, high-tech EU5 engine and radical next-generation design. A bold alien-like twin LED headlight, compact riding position, classy looking wheels and clocks are among the many improvements.

Yamaha R125

The Yamaha R125 is the ultimate class-leading 125 motorcycle. It might not be the cheapest, lightest or fastest but it is a superb learner machine that offers an incredible amount of drive throughout the rev-range. It also features a bypass thermostat which helps it warm up faster and a slipper clutch that reduces the chance of rear wheel lock-up. A new projector LED headlight and a new fairing borrowed from the R15 help give it an aggressive, sporty appearance.

Its compact Deltabox frame, 41 mm USD forks and lightweight wheels help it to deliver exceptional handling agility. A smart, connected TFT display and a genuine quickshifter make the R125 easy to operate.

Benelli BN 125

Benelli’s new BN 125 is a small capacity naked targeted at learner riders. It’s powered by an air-cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine that produces 11 horsepower and 7.6 ft-lbs of torque at 7,000 rpm. It is Euro 5 compliant and features electronic fuel injection.

With its small wheels and featherweight 124kg wet weight, the BN 125 is super agile through town and on open roads. It’s also easy to maneuver in tighter gaps. The trellis frame and bold paint scheme look great, too. The only drawback is its lack of equipment, but that’s understandable for such an affordable bike.

Sinnis Terrain

The Sinnis Terrain is the ultimate do-it-all 125cc bike. It’s ready to go both on and off road with unified braking, full chassis protection and a luggage capacity of up to 66.5 litres.

It’s roomier and more substantial than other 125s and feels great to ride. The 17-inches at both ends give good leverage and confidence on the tarmac, while the suspension is stiff enough to soak up bumps too.

The only downside is that, like most Chinese bikes, it’s sometimes difficult to find flexible finance and many main dealers are nervous about taking them in part exchange. However, if you take care of it, the Sinnis will last and can be a great buy at this price point.

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