Avoiding Alcohol and Drugs when Riding Motorbikes, Product Selection and Warranty Information

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Motorcycles require a high degree of coordination, balance and throttle control. They also require you to be alert and able to react quickly to traffic conditions and other vehicles. Alcohol and certain drugs interfere with judgment, reaction time, coordination, balance, and the ability to shift gears. These substances should be avoided when riding a motorcycle.

Product Selection

The e-bikes available from Motorbikes 4 All come in a variety of frame styles and sizes to suit different needs, preferences, and heights. They also feature different levels of pedal assistance to provide varying degrees of power support, as well as a detachable battery that can be easily removed from the bike for easier storage and security. They also include quality components and suspension, as well as a range of accessories like integrated lights, fenders, and cargo racks to enhance rider comfort and functionality. The user interface on these bikes includes the display and controls, as well as the layout and arrangement of features. They also include a seated position and handlebar adjustability to allow riders of varying needs, preferences, and abilities to ride comfortably.


Warranty coverage and length may differ by frame type. Please refer to the warranty booklet for specific details.

If a fault occurs with your e-bike during the warranty period, our support team is here to help. To ensure that your claim is processed quickly and correctly, we will need a record of your purchase. This should include Invoice Number, Name, Contact Phone Number, Email address and Address.

Motorbikes 4 All endeavour to describe vehicles as transparently as possible, however, Customers acknowledge that used vehicles are purchased with a degree of wear and tear in line with age, usage, mileage and bodywork/paint repairs. This warranty does not cover costs incurred by the Customer or alternative Dealership in returning the vehicle for repair work covered under this warranty. Nor does it cover the cost of replacement parts or accessories not original to the product (e.g. oil, brake pads, tyres). Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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