Motorcycle Styles: From Choppers to Dual-Sport Bikes

Motorcycles That Look Like Dirt Bikes

Motorcycles come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some of them look like dirt bikes while others have a street-bike aesthetic.

Street motorcycles are designed primarily with comfort in mind. They are typically heavier than dirt bikes and have a bigger fuel tank. They also have headlights and other standard road-safe features.


Choppers are famous for their appearance, often seen in movies like Easy Rider and custom built by biker enthusiasts. Their frames are usually cut and welded to create their stretched out look. Their handlebars can range from full on ape hangers to stubby little bobber bars. This can make it challenging to ride and send road debris flying into your face.

As the popularity of choppers rose due to exposure in movies and other sources, many motorcycle manufacturers started offering chopper inspired bikes in their product lineups. Typically these bikes are easier to work on than a custom chopper and offer a similar look without all of the extra hassle.

While a chopper might be able to achieve eye watering speeds in a straight line, they will probably fail miserably when it comes to cornering or handling. These types of motorcycles are built for looks and not speed or agility. Most of them don’t even come with mirrors, a windshield or other safety equipment.


Until recently, fashion-conscious riders seeking a bike to match their plaid shirts and groomed beards could opt for either a chrome-laden chopper or a retro-inspired cruiser. But those seeking a sleeker, more minimalist look are now turning to bobbers.

Bobbers are essentially bikes that have had everything removed from them, leaving only the essential parts needed for traction and to keep the rider safe. They tend to be lighter than their stock counterparts, making them ideal for riders who want a fast, stylish and affordable ride.

Most true bobbers are hardtails, meaning they have no rear suspension. But if you have a traditional bicycle that has a functional rear suspension, you can modify it into a hardtail with ease by bolting or welding on a rear-end section. The result is a smooth, elegantly proportioned bike that looks great and handles, steers and stops better than ever before.

Trail Bikes

While a trail bike and a motocross bike might look identical at first glance, they actually have different parts that are designed to suit their different riding conditions. For instance, trail bikes have softer suspensions than motocross bikes and they have wider gear ratios to take on long stretches of trail or dirt road.

These bikes also have a wider head angle that helps them to stay stable during down hill maneuvers. Additionally, they have a higher amount of front suspension travel which allows them to handle bumps and rough terrain better than a cross country bike.

If you’re looking for a great all around trail bike, try an enduro bike. These are great for both on and off-road riding and can take on jumps and stunts. Their engines are tuned for broad power that make them easier to ride than a motocross bike. They also have more street-friendly features like lights and a chain guard. Clever frame features and details like integrated storage compartments, bottle cage mounts, and tool mounts will also increase the enjoyment of your new bike.

Dual-Sport Bikes

Designed for a range of terrain, dual-sport bikes come dirt-ready from the factory. They have small gas tanks, minimal body parts, no windscreen, and high handlebars for stand up riding. They are street legal and can be equipped with racks, pannier bags, and motorcycle gps units. This is what makes them so popular with riders who want the flexibility of a road bike but the off-road capability of a dirt bike.

These bikes are also called all-road, enduro or, depending on the manufacturer, even adventure bikes. They are compromises between dirt and pavement performance and will never perform as well as a pure dirt or street bike. However, they are an affordable option for the rider who wants to explore both worlds without spending a fortune.

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